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2013-02-03 15:21:12

The Center for Strategic Studies is divided into three departments that help to carry out its objectives:

Domestic Policy Analysis Department

The Department carries out academic and conceptual research concerning the internal political course of the country, the mechanisms of its realization, the existing problems in this sphere and their possible solution. The Center carries out academic research for defining, guaranteeing and protecting the social interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan and also specifies the important aspects of fundamental reforms inside the country, examining the behavioral trajectory of internal political forces and the possible affect of these processes on the development of the country.

Foreign Policy Analysis Department

The Department is engaged in the research of important aspects of the fundamental transformations taking place within the international relations system, observing the trajectory of political behavior within the regional and political context and determining possible influences of these processes on the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Department is also engaged in scientific-theoretical research concerning the country’s foreign political course, the mechanisms for its realization and existing problems in this area.

Economic Analysis and Global Affairs Department

The main activity of the Department is to watch all events and tendencies in the Azerbaijani and the world economy, conduct thorough research, analyze and give recommendations on the basis of research conclusions. Research activities of the Department are formed along several lines. These include: observing and analyzing the economic processes in the Republic of Azerbaijan and in the world as well as the factors which contribute to the country’s and world’s economic development. The purpose of the Department is to research the factors that could have an impact on economic processes and on the basis of this research prepare various programs, theories and analytical documents.


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